Public Art Catalog

This is a listing of all the public art items in the catalog. The catalog is sorted alphabetically by “Title” by default, but you can also sort by “Artist” or “Location”.

There are currently 353 art pieces in the catalog with another 2 dozen to be added in the next month.

Ursula Malbin

The Artists's Village
Ein Hod

Ursula Malbin

Vista of Peace Sculpture Garden, Zionism Avenue 112 and Second November Road

Rami Meiri

On the walkway leading from the Renaissance Hotel to Gordon Beach
Tel Aviv

Berny Fink

The Open Museum - Omer Industrial Park

Dani Karavan

Overlooking Beer-Sheva, from the east

Siona Shimshi

Kugel Street

Ofer Lellouche

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv

Yigal Tumarkin

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv

Ilan Averbuch

Sir Charles Clore Park
Tel Aviv

Dina Merhav

Iron Sculpture Park

David Gerstein

Hebrew University

Ram Katzir

Route #2, going north toward Haifa

Dina Kraouss

Kshatot Square

Saul Salo

Desert Sculpture Park
Mitzpe Ramon

Menashe Kadishman

Habima Square, near the Performing Arts Center
Tel Aviv