Gordon Beach

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Rami Meiri


On the walkway leading from the Renaissance Hotel to Gordon Beach
Tel Aviv



Paint on concrete



Description A series of painted beach scenes
Caption "Gordon Beach", Rami Meiri's first outdoor mural, was inspired by sketches of beach scenes he drew as a student at the Avni Institute of Art. "When I started to work on the Gordon beach mural, I had no expectations. I started to paint and naturally, because it is outside, everyone passing by or spending the day at the beach got involved - everyone wanted to see the development of the piece. It was only then that I realized that painting a street mural is a kind of dialogue with the people, a form of street theatre. After I finished the Gordon beach mural, someone spray-painted on it. I was very hurt. But, the following day, all the regulars of the beach, about 200 people, insisted that I repaint the mural. They wanted it back. That incident drew attention from the papers, and since then, no matter where my murals are, no one defaces them". From "Dressing the Naked City, Jerusalem Report, June 2003, by Tina silverman www.ramimeiri.com/press/enPressJerusalemRepor...

Other References http://www.ramimeiri.com/