Yellow Car

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Carlos Basanta


20 Se'adya Ga'on st.
Tel Aviv


4200 c 2500 x 6 cm


Steel and paint



Description A sketch of a car on the side of a parking garage
Caption "Commissioned by Even Ziv Parkade. This sculpture represents a calligraphic rendering of a car. Since the open area between the parapets had to retain as much "transparent air" as possible, the design was linear, adding an element of spontaneity to the necessarily monotonous architecture, and compliment the function of the building as a parkade."

Artist Statement: By inclination and ability I have focused a large measure of my creative effort on Public Art. Adding a sense of beauty, interest and culture to the places where people live, work and relax is very important to me. It also provides me with a unique opportunity to communicate my artistic vision to a broad audience. The unique nature of a site and its function are a source of inspiration to me. I approach the site with respect for its character and try to discover its possibilities and to bring out its qualities.
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