Wing To Wing

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Dorit Feldman


Givat Shaul


500 x 500 x 300 cm


Laser cut iron, aluminum and paint



Description A pair of wings that change as viewers negotiate the kekir
Caption As the viewer’s navigates the square the wings become dynamic shapes that introduce an imaginary inversion of the mountainous contours on the horizon. The symbolism attributed to the eagle is manifested in unfurling the secrets of the wings in the wind.   

According to the Jewish Aggadah, King Solomon, the wisest of men, connected to the sources of wisdom and mystery by deciphering the language of eagles. In many cultures, the eagle represents heavenly power and freedom; it is a symbol of revival and spiritual betterment, wise, ingenious solutions, and acute far-sightedness.  Edited from an eMail from the artist dated 9/13/10.

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