Two Forms (Divided Circle)

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Barbara Hepworth


Plaza in front of the Tel Aviv Museum
Tel Aviv






Description Half of a pair of circles cut in half with a hole in the middle
Caption "Carving to me is more interesting than modelling, because there is an unlimited variety of materials from which to draw inspiration. Each material demands a particular treatment and there are an infinite number of subjects in life each to be re-created in a particular material. In fact, it would be possible to carve the same subject in a different stone each time, throughout life, without a repetition of form. If a pebble or an egg can be enjoyed for the sake of its shape only, it is one step towards a true appreciation of sculpture." From Hepworth's statement in the series "Contemporary English Sculptors", The Architectural Association Journal, London, vol. XLV, no. 518, April 1930, p. 384