Two Figures (Conjunction XV)

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Lynn Chadwick


Billy Rose Sculpture Garden, The Israel Museum


137 x 101 x 43 cm





Description Two stylized figures who may have stepped off the path engaged in conversation
Caption The sculpture was a gift to the museum by Barnett Shine in memory of his wife."Lynn Russell Chadwick was born in London on 24 November 1914. After attending the Merchant Taylor School and a stay in France, he began to experiment with mobiles and earned a living, not unsuccessfully, as a freelance designer until 1952. For his figures, Lynn Chadwick mainly used pieces of iron welded together, which, as mobiles, are reminiscent of Calder's work but as stabiles filled with concrete stand on long legs and resemble a cross between abstract constructs and figurative skeletal beings. Chadwick received commissions for more monumental sculptures, gradually transforming his rough, often aggressive-looking animal figures into softer, even more sentimental compositions with anthropomorphic features. At home in Lypiatt Park, Gloucestershire, Chadwick established a sculpture park of his own.

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