The Third Eye

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Dorit Feldman


1 Tozeret Haarez
Tel Aviv


185 x 470 x 55 cm


Aluminum, zinc, brass, and a cibachrome print



Description Three pieces hung that must have a relationship, perhaps a code, or hieroglyphics - or perhaps they are three interpretations of an eye
Caption A mixed media installation with an eye at the center that demonstrates the artist's mastery of a variety of materials. It was commissioned by Kital, Ltd. and the Tel Aviv Municipality. In the catalog for "Encoded Libraries," shown in Graz, Austria, Paul Kaniel wrote: "Some of Dorit Feldman's works include photographs which are manipulated reality - of her library, where her knowledge is stored, coded and decoded. The fact that some of her best works consist of books is not accidental. Books are of the domain of privacy (only one person can look at one book at one time) and perusal (turning over the pages, the opening of a harmonica-like book) adds the element of duration, attribute of Time, and rejects the illusion that a work of art can be seen in its entirety at one glance."
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