The New Broom

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Daniel Manheim


The Green Gallery at Park Dina
Arsuf Kedem


10000 x 3000 x 40 cm


Wood and bristles



Description A broom that sweeps the sky
Caption According to the artist, the broom sweeps the sky for all to see in an effort to foster a spiritual correction. The “broom” and ” spider web” are both visible from Route #2 as it passes Park Dina between Tel Aviv and Haifa. 

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Both of these projects by the artist and founder of The Green Gallery are more conceptual, certainly less dramatic, than most public art. While few people stand in awe of them and probably don't drag friends and family over to see them, they do grow in importance over time. They are both really very remarkable.

"The 'broom of the Wilderness' (Retama roetam) is one of the most common shrubs which characterize desert plant life in the Land of Israel. Due to the scarcity of plant life in the desert, it is one of the most important plants in the area as far as man is concerned. It provides shade, food and fuel. In the book of Job (30,4) we are told of impoverished desert-dwellers that make use of: 'the roots of broom for warmth' (= 'lachmam' which should be read as 'l'chamem', in the sense of heating). In fact, many sources indicate the long-burning qualities of coals made from broom (= gechalei retamim - Psalms 120,4): 'and not like just any coals but like gechalei retamim. Because all other coals become extinguished inside but gechalei retamim even when they are extinguished outside, still burn within' (Bereshit Rabbah 35,19). Talmudic literature provides numerous stories which mention the heat retentive capacity of "gechalei retamim" which can last as long as twelve months (Bereshit Rabbah, ibid., Bavli, Baba Batra 74b; Midrash Tehillim 120,9)."

Park Dina is an ecological garden created in memory of Dina Manheim (1951 - 2006). The park is a private collection of trees of 100 kinds. It is a part of a wide area of open landscape with about 40 kinds of fruit trees that provide a rich environment for people and birds all around the year.

The park was established by the Manheim family, living and farming in Arsuf since 1935 (today - Arsuf Kedem).
In addition to the botanical collection at Park Dina, sculpture and earth works have been installed in the Green Gallery, with some exhibits are placed among the trees. Visitors are treated to both botanical and artistic exhibits in a welcoming environment.

Directed visits to the park can be arranged by phone at 052-352-5366.

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