The Fish That Did Not Wish to be a Fish

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Dorit Feldman


Story Gardens


180 x 600 x 300 cm


Stainless steel, colored plaster, cast polymer



Description A play area with features from a popular children's book in a park for children
Caption The Fish That Didn’t Want to Be a Fish
"A little fishy, there in the pool, cried all day long"
Oh, I’m so bored, I’m nodding off,
I can only make bubbles instead of a song.
I’m sick of being a fish

The book by Paul Kor is about a fish that is bored with its life and tries living like other animals.

Paul Kor (Kornowski, Hebrewפאול קור‎‎, August 1, 1926 – May 24, 2001) was an Israeli paintergraphic designer, children's author and illustrator who won many prizes in Israel and worldwide.
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The spiral structure, cast in concrete and incorporating other materials, consists of two separate spaces. Its walls are covered with animal characters inspired by the characters in the story and are made of different laser-cut materials.

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