Sun City

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Luciana Matalon


Kekar near the Carmel Hotel


3 meters in diameter




Description The skyline of Netanya in the center of a circle that could be a telescope or microscope lens, which is what makes it so wonderful
Caption "THOUGHTS ABOUT THE SUN TOWN" by Arturo Schwarz
The artist – who’s been an active sculptor for 35 years – worked for more than two years to complete Sun-City. Besides a more general aesthetic approach, great care was given to details which could at first appear secondary but are in fact essential.

Thus, Luciana Matalon focused on the noble purpose of taking the visitor – quoting her words – “towards a evening island able to let us forget the prisons of dull days, island in which we can collect the insomniac stellar archipelagos, insomniac as my nights, in which my mind floats towards impossible oblivions".

The sculpture is made up of a great disc, with a diameter of over 6 meters and a depth of half a meter, pitched on a narrow, spiral branch, which exalts its apparent lightness and elevates it into the air. The disc has been cut into various sections, rotated so as to give them volume and grace.

Luciana Matalon’s sculpture is metaphorically bound to the world, all of its doors and windows are wide open, so as to let in the wind and the light. From dawn to dusk, the light modifies its appearance constantly; the wind, blowing through its structure, plays the living music of nature. The beauty of the sky of Israel, with the passing of seasons, works here as an ideal landscape which adds a temporal dimension to this work of art of great poetry. 
Arturo Schwarz, February 2007

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