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Uri Ayalon


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Caption "Hi Richard - This is our friend URI AYALON's sculpture he lent us for kirkaskiss at the time. He made it for the Haifa Festival "HagHagagim" (the Holiday of Holidays) which is a yearly festival celebrating Christmass-Hanukka-Ramadan in Dec.."
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The sculpture has no title - so here are suggestions for names of horses: 
"In the space below we have listed some of our favorite horse names. We chose these names not only for how pretty or cute the name is but also for the meaning or descriptions that accompany it, for interesting bits of trivia associated with the name, or for the famous animals or people that have had the name.
Ahearn - Celtic for "horse" or "horse-lord."
Alban - Patron Saint of refugees. If your horse or foal has been rescued, Alban may be the right name for him. Alban would also be a good name if your horse is protective of others.
Arabella - Aside from simply being a beautiful sounding name, Arabella was one of two spiders (the other one being named Anita) that were part of early NASA experiments, spinning webs while weightless in space during the Skylab project in 1973.
Argo - The horse of Xena in the television series "Xena, Warrior Princess." Argo was faithful, intelligent, and brave in battle.
Beauty - A classic name for a beautiful horse. Famous horses named Beauty include Black Beauty (from the Anna Sewell novel), and Adam Cartwright's horse (Adam Cartwright was the oldest of three brothers in the long-running television series "Bonanza").
Beeswax - Beeswax is a substance secreted by honeybees to build their honeycombs. As a name, Beeswax has a fun, playful feel to it."
There are a lot more at: www.cowboyway.com/HorseNames.htm

Black Jack - Probably the best known horse named Black Jack was a black gelding of unknown breeding that served in the United States military as a caparisoned (riderless) horse for formal occasions such as funerals. Born in 1947, Black Jack was used in the funeral procession of President John F. Kennedy after he was assassinated in 1963. He also took part in the funerals of Presidents Herbert Hoover and Lyndon Johnson, as well as Five-Star General Douglas MacArthur and countless other funerals at Arlington National Cemetery. In addition, Black Jack has the distinction of being the last horse issued to the United States military and is the last horse to carry the "U S" brand. Black Jack lived to be 29 years old. After he was cremated his ashes were interred at Summerall Field in Ft. Myer, Virginia. His grave has a lovely headstone and is surrounded by an attractive hedge.Boaz - From the Bible. Since Boaz means "swiftness" in Hebrew this may be the perfect name for a horse that can run fast.

The horses pictured at left are named (from left to right) Lizzie, Ollie, and Hawg. Lizzie is named for Lizzie Johnson, a pioneering Texas woman who accompanied her own cattle on cattle drives. Ollie is named for a freeze-branded "A" on his right hip: Since his new owners did not know what the "A" actually stood for, they decided it meant "Alleluia" and call him Ollie for short. Hawg is half Quarter Horse and half Belgian, and the name just seemed to fit his short, extra-wide physique.
Boomerang - Boomerang was a famous Irish Sport Horse born in 1966 in Ireland. It's a charming name for any horse.Borak - Arabic for "the lightning."Brownie - In the 1960's a cat named Brownie became very rich when his owner, Dr. William Grier, bequeathed him and his feline friend Hellcat close to $415,000. A third cat, Charlie Chan, received an additional $250,000 all to himself. In the horse world, most horses named "Brownie" get the name because of their brown color. However, Brownie would be a good name for a horse that has had a great windfall of good luck in his past.Burbank - This was the name of Danny Glover's cat in the 1987 movie "Lethal Weapon." It's also a good horse name for a horse that acts like a star.Calamity - The word calamity means "great misfortune" or "disaster." This would be a cute name for a horse that has lived through a rough time, or for a horse that has a bit of a wild side.Cisco - The name Cisco is of Spanish origin. The Cisco Kid was a well-known fictional character in a wide range of varying stories, movies, and television shows. "Cisco" is a short, pleasant sounding name that has long been associated with action and adventure.Caleb - From the Bible. Caleb and Joshua were the only two members of the original band of Israelites that fled from Egypt that lived to enter the Promised Land. Caleb is a good, strong, name for a horse that is a survivor.Cochise - Cochise (which means "hardwood") is a well-known Chiricahua Apache Indian chief famous for defending his homelands against invasion by settlers. He is often described as a tall, powerfully built man with a Roman nose and great dignity. The television character Joe Cartwright (from the television series "Bonanza") rode a black and white horse named Cochise.Comanche - The only survivor of the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 was a bay horse named Comanche. He was found two days after the battle, severely wounded. He was treated for his wounds and retired from military duty, although he was occasionally led, without a rider, during formal military occasions. He lived to be approximately 29 years old, living until 1891.
The Paint horse at right is named Big Dog. When his new owners first showed the 16 hand tall Big Dog to a friend, the friend exclaimed "He's a big dog!" and the name stuck.

Cyrus - From the Bible. Cyrus was the name of the king who conquered Babylon at the time many Israelites had been exiled there. King Cyrus allowed the Israelites to return to their native land, so this might be a good horse name if you have a powerful horse with a kind and understanding nature.Dinah - A short, pretty name. Also the name of the pet cat belonging to Alice in the classic "Alice In Wonderland" book by Lewis Carroll.Eli - From the Bible. Means "height" in Hebrew. If your horse is a daredevil who likes heights, or that can jump well, consider Eli!Elvira - This name is generally considered to be Latin for "truth" but some sources claim it is Spanish where it means "all true." Either way, it's a very pretty name.Elsa - A beautiful name best known for being the name of the lioness in the 1960 book by Joy Adamson, "Born Free: A Lioness Of Two Worlds." The highly successful book told the story of how Joy and her husband George raised the orphaned Elsa and then returned her to the wild. If you have a beautiful mare with a touch of wild in her heart, consider Elsa.Festus - From the Bible, and the well-known television series "Gunsmoke." In the Bible, Festus was a governor of Judea during the time the new Christian church was forming after the death of Jesus. He was considered to be just and respectable. In the TV series, Festus was an ornery, wise-cracking deputy who was also widely regarded to be fair and honest. Festus is a strong name and an excellent choice for a horse that is a bit ornery, but hard-working and honest.

Francis - St. Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of Animals, so this is a wonderful name for any animal.Gabriel - In the Bible, Gabriel was one of only two angels to be mentioned by name (the other being Michael). The name is Hebrew in origin, meaning "mighty man of God." Gabriel was the messenger of God. If your horse is swift and strong, Gabriel could be just the right name. You could call him "Gabe" for short.Giles - St. Giles lived from about 1243 to 1263. He was known for his humor, understanding of human nature, and optimism. Giles would be a good name for a horse with a cheerful, playful personality.Gulliver - The name Gulliver may be best recognized as a character from the Jonathan Swift novel, "Gulliver's Travels." In the novel Gulliver visits a land where the people there are very small, making Gulliver a giant by comparison. Gulliver would be a wonderful name for a horse with a big heart.Hubert - St. Hubert is the Patron Saint of Hunters. This is a good name for a horse that is a hunter or a hunter/jumper, or for a horse used for hunting trips.Ira - From the Bible. Means "watchful" in Hebrew. If your horse is the "watch dog" of the barn or herd, consider Ira.Isabel - Isabel is a beautiful name of Spanish or other origins. It is also very pleasing when shortened to "Izzy" as a nickname.Kaspar - The name of the black, three foot high wooden cat sculpture at the Savoy Hotel in London that is assigned to eat with any group of diners that have 13 (traditionally believed to be an unlucky number) in their party. It is Kaspar's duty to bring the number of any dining party from 13 to 14, thereby protecting the diners from an unlucky fate. If your horse has ever protected you or brought you luck, consider the name Kaspar.Levi - In Hebrew, Levi means "attached" or "joined." In America the name is associated with a brand of blue jeans from the Levi Strauss company. Levi Strauss was a real person, a Bavarian-born immigrant who came to America in 1850 and designed a new style of men's pants that evolved into modern day blue jeans.Mingo - The Mingo people were part of the Iroquois group of Native Americans. However, the word "Mingo" is probably better recognized as the name of Daniel Boone's best friend from the 1960's television series "Daniel Boone." In the show Mingo was a half-Cherokee, highly educated graduate of Oxford University and Daniel's constant companion. Daniel and Mingo constantly covered rough ground so this may be a good name for a trusty trail horse.Noah - From the Bible. Noah is famous for building the Ark to survive a great flood. The name was derived from a Hebrew word meaning "comfort" so its a great name for a nurturing, loving horse.Peaceful - In the movie "Fancy Pants" with Bob Hope and Lucille Ball, Peaceful is the bucking palomino Bob Hope chooses because the horse's name sounds, well...so peaceful. But Peaceful actually got his name for all the people he had tried to lay to rest.Phoebe - Probably from a Greek word which meant "light" and/or "pure." Also made famous by the television series "Friends" where the character of Phoebe was sweet and good natured, but ditzy.Pilgrim - A pilgrim is someone who takes a long journey, or someone who is a traveler or wanderer in a foreign place. If this description fits your horse, you may have found the right name.Sebastian - Patron Saint of athletes, known for his physical endurance and energy. This would be a terrific horse name for an equine athlete.Shadrach - From the Bible. In the Old Testament the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar threw Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego into a furnace seven times hotter than usual. In a miracle, God rescued all three of the men and they left the furnace unharmed. If your horse has a miraculous survival story, Shadrach may be the perfect horse name!Shiloh - In Hebrew Shiloh means "His gift." Other translations for the word include "he who is to be sent," and "the peaceful one."Spradley - Bill Pickett is a cowboy legend as the man who invented bull dogging, or steer wrestling. Spradley was the name of the horse he was riding the very first time he bull dogged a steer.Sylvester - This name is Latin in origin and means "wooded" or "from the forest." It is also the name of a famous cartoon cat and the first name of the actor Sylvester Stallone, famous for the series of "Rocky" movies.Tabitha - From the Bible, and the 1960's television show "Bewitched." In the New Testament Tabitha was an elderly lady known for doing good and helping the poor. When she died, Peter (aka Simon Peter, better known today as St. Peter), restored her back to life. On the television show "Bewitched" Tabitha was the daughter of Samantha, a good natured witch, and her mortal husband Darin.Titus - From the Bible. In the New Testament Titus was a Greek who became a companion of Paul (who would become St. Paul) and a teacher of early Christian beliefs. Titus is a short, pleasant sounding name and a good choice for a horse that is a good companion.Uri - From the Bible. A short, pretty, name that means "light" in Hebrew.Wiley - This is an Old-English name that means "crafty" or "tricky." It's a cute name and a good choice for a clever horse.Willow - A simple, pleasant sounding name. Willow trees are known for their ability to bend with a strong force instead of breaking.Yogi - The name of Yogi Berra, a famous baseball player, and of Yogi Bear, a cartoon bear. A short, cute, name.

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