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Bruno Giorgi


Weizmann Institute of Science




Description An abstract sculpture in a pool
Caption "The sculpture is dedicated to the memory of Amos de Shalit who strove to build a better world through science." From an inscription on the base of the sculpture.  

"Sculptor and painter Bruno Giorgi (Mococa SP 1905 - Rio de Janeiro RJ 1993) In 1911 he moved with his family to Rome. At the beginning of the 20s studied drawing and sculpture. After serving four years in prison for conspiracy against the fascist regime, is extradited to Brazil in 1935. In Paris in 1937, attending the academies La Grande Chaumiere and Ranson and knows Aristide Maillol, who shall guide you. Living with Henry Moore, Marino Marini and Charles Despiau. In Sao Paulo, in 1939, works with the artists of the Santa Helena Group and participates in the Artistic Family. In 1943 at the invitation of Minister Capanema, goes to work for the Rio de Janeiro and rides his studio in Red Beach, where they will teach, among others, to Francis Stockinger. The public monuments of his own that stand out: the Brazilian Youth Monument, 1947, in the gardens of the Ministry of Education and Health, the current Palace of Culture, in Rio de Janeiro; Candangos, 1960, the Three Powers Square, and Meteor, 1967 At Lake of the Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia, Integration, 1989, at Memorial da América Latina in São Paulo.”
Translated from the original in Portuguese at: www.pinturabrasileira.com/artistas.asp?cod=9...

For more information about Amos de Shalit go to: www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/amos-de-shalit...

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