Park Eagles

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Hed Shmueli


Southern entrance



Carved wood


Description A collection of Indian-inspired totems featuring talking birds and animals
Caption For a tour of public art in Arad, start at the southern entrance to the city. You will see Park Eagles, Indian-inspired totems featuring talking birds and animals. The exhibit was created at the initiative of the Municipality of Arad by Hed Shmueli, who lives in the artist's village of Ein-Hod.
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If this southern Israeli city doesn’t come to mind when you think about touring Israel, Anna Sandler is working hard to put it there. Sandler is the tourist coordinator for this 52-year-old city bordering the Negev and Judean deserts. Its proximity to the Dead Sea, 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) west, is at once its main attraction and its biggest problem, says Sandler.
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