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Stef Wertheimer


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Caption About Stef Wertheimer: Forced to flee Nazi Germany at the age of 10, Stef Wertheimer has long recognized the importance of Israel to the survival of the Jewish people. Although he trained as a pilot in the War of Independence, he served in the Palmach as a close technical aide to Yigal Alon developing armaments.Since then, he has spent his life fostering the economic independence of Israel and promoting peaceful coexistence with its neighbors. Export manufacturing and educational initiatives have been the vehicles to achieve these goals."
"Since 1982, Mr. Wertheimer has built seven industrial parks. The original park, at Tefen in the Galilee, created an unusual model that has been replicated at Tel Hai, Lavon, Omer, and Dalton. In the spring of 2013, Wertheimer opened his latest park in the Arab city of Nazareth. The seventh park – the first to be built outside of Israel – has been active since 2005 in Gebze, Turkey, near Istanbul. It is a successful joint venture with Turkish partners." From:  

"A Zionist ideal motivates Wertheimer in his educational initiatives. He is driven by a desire to redress the centuries of discrimination that the Jews suffered in foreign lands when they were denied entry into the professional trade unions known as guilds or to own their own land. The dozens of schools and courses that he has created over the past 50 years all share a common denominator: the acquisition of skills." From:  
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