Noa’s Sign Language

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Effy Hujasta and Yaniv Shimoni


Story Gardens, Motta Gur Street




Description Seven braided columns topped with ribbons that illustrate a popular children's story
Caption "Artists Efi Hujesta and Yaniv Shimoni installed seven braids adorned with ribbons on a lawn in Motta Gur Street. The number of braids indicates the braids of Noa, the protagonist of Sfat Hasimanim Shel Noa by Nira Harel. The Garden now boasts a lovely feel of color, joy and movement as the braids and ribbons turn around in the wind."
By eMail from the Municipality of Holon on December 20, 2010

“The Holon Municipality initiated and established a unique environmental sculpture project, the only one of its kind in Israel — "Story Gardens" for which Israel's leading artists created environmental sculptures inspired by beloved and familiar children's stories. The project objective was to increase the awareness of and love for children's literature among the younger generation and new immigrants.”

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