New Life

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Yigal Meron


Topor Sculpture Garden, Sheba Hospital, Tel Hashomer
Ramat Gan



Basalt stone



Description A stone that looks like a bean that has sprouted
Caption This sculpture suggests is an optimistic metaphor for renewal and recovery.The artist also has work exhibited at The Sculpture Garden Dalton at Dalton Industrial Park."Yigal Meron studied at Oranim Art Institute but also learnt the skills of sculpture, drawing, etching and even photography with the aid of other established artists. Yigal believes in all the progress and changes that modern technology has brought to the fields of art: "Even learning is no longer as it was ? there are new tools, materials, methods, changes brought about by computerization. Modern life has brought huge changes to the world of art and even nonprofessionals are drawn to experiment with all the forms of design now available," he says.The response I had from a friend of mine, a lecturer in art, when I put the question to her was: "Who wants to see an artist banging away on a piece of stone all day long? There are much better and pertinent ways to create art today." I rest my case!"From Esra Magazine article "The Future of Art":

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