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Magdalena Abakanowicz


Billy Rose Sculpture Garden, The Israel Museum


280 x 280 x 3,500 cm


Negev stone



Description An arrangement of sections that could be one sliced cylinder, or a sequence, but is clearly not a natural occurrence
Caption "About meaning of sculpture - Art needs somebody to listen to its message, somebody to desire it, somebody to drink it, to use it like wine - otherwise it makes no sense.What is sculpture? With impressive continuity it testifies to man's evolving sense of reality, and fulfils the necessity to express what cannot be verbalized."Frlom the artist's web site:"On her very first day in Jerusalem, in April 1987, Abakanowicz, deeply impressed by the powerful impact of the local limestone, decided to work in stone for the first time in her career. For an artist who had been known for soft, three-dimensional abstract shapes"Abakans" woven from thick fabric and gradually enriched with coils of thick ropes and cords, followed by the monumental series of "Sitting Figures" and "Backs," hollow, headless figures made from sackcloth, burlap, and fiberthis decision was quite radical. The search for a suitable stone brought her to the Mitzpeh Ramon quarry, deep in the Negev Desert, where her new and perhaps most abstract work, named after the site of the quarry, was hewn from layers of limestone."From:

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