Memorial to Jewish Soldeirs

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Berny Fink


Yad Vashem



Granite and stainless steel



Description Six blocks of granite arranged to form a Star of David, sliced down the middle by a sword
Caption "Designed by Bernie Fink, the Memorial to the Jewish Soldiers was completed in 1985. The monument is dedicated to the million-and-a-half Jewish soldiers, ghetto fighters, partisans and soldiers of the Allied forces who fought against Nazi Germany.The structure comprises six oblong, hexagonal blocks of granite arranged in two groups of three. A Star of David is created between the hexagons, sliced down the middle by a stainless steel sword. The six blocks of granite represent the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis, the Star of David symbolizes the Jewish People, and the sword, the fight against the Nazis. The symbol of a Star of David and a sword is usually associated with the IDF; by using this combination, the artist makes a connection between the Jewish soldiers in the Allied forces, and modern-day Israeli soldiers."From the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site:

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