Green Gallery

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Daniel Manheim


Arsuf Kedem




Caption Located in Arsuf Dedem, The Green Gallery includes an ecological Garden in memory of Dina Manheim (1951-2006). The garden is a private collection of trees of 100 kinds, and is a part of a wide area of open landscape. About 40 kinds of fruit trees provide a rich environment for people and birds all around the year.  

The garden was established by the Manheim family, living & farming in Arsuf since 1935 (today -Arsuf Kedem).  
Some of the green gallery exhibits are placed among the trees, making the visit enjoyable of both, Art & Botanic.   
An area of 350 acres around Arsuf Kedem, between the ancient city and the modern village was declared a Nature Reserve in 2003.  

Daniel Manheim is the founder and director of the Green Gallery and Tanya Preminger is the Curator.

Directed visits to the park can be ordered by phone 052-3525366.

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