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Berny Fink


The Open Museum - Omer Industrial Park



Steel, Concrete and Mixed Media



Description From his exhibit "Cosmic Seeds"
Caption "Fink’s name has long been associated with a group of ‘Galilean’ sculptors who came to prominence in the 1980s. Most of them, women as well as men, were kibbutz members. Utilizing materials directly from their environment, such as basalt stone and olive wood, and drawing inspiration from local archeological finds as well as ancient myths, they produced objects akin to shrines, altars or primitive agricultural implements."
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The Open Museums are "a unique model that meshes together seemingly unrelated disciplines—art, technology and industry. This special combination results in a museum that is a learning environment of a different kind. The Education Department exposes school children and educators to a very wide variety of study topics in industry and technology, art and artisanship, and history and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on manufacturing and creation—from manual work all the way to computers and robotics. Creative thinking is what helps us borrow ideas from one area and implement them in another, and enables us to find and develop novel and surprising solutions.

The learning environment at the Open Museum at Tefen Industrial Park offers a view of industry and technology in natural surroundings. An aesthetic and well-groomed industrial park, manufacturing plants that are situated in proximity to the Sculpture Garden, and museums that are scattered throughout the park represent a cultural and independent learning environment. Every visit to the museum is a new learning experience."
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