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Tanya Preminger


Kikar, HaGalil Street at Harama Street


120 x 200 x 70 cm


Mitzpe stone & iron



Description A spilled cup of coffee in a traffic circle
Caption "Tanya Preminger works in various art media : Sculpture, Installations, photography. She uses different materials; from the traditional wood, clay, stone in all its varieties ( Granite, Marble, local Israeli stones, Basalt) to earth and other less conventional materials.In recent years she explores Art Nature and all its derivatives- landscape art, environmental art, and site-specific work. Tanya participates regularly in International stone sculpture symposiums and competitions in Europe, the Americas and the Far-East. "Artists statement: "My purpose is to express the immaterial essence of things in physical stuff: to make tangible the universal essence of the creation"
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