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Zeev Krisher


Lido Beach



Turkish marble



Description A segmented creature that may have been washed up on the beach
Caption "My sculpture which you photographed in Ashdod is one of several monumental sculptures which I created there at different occasions. The 'dragon' was created several years ago and is part of a series of chinese dragons. I chose to create chinese dragons because they are very friendly and live in harmony with people and are very different from the concept of the aggresive european dragons. In Israel there are more sculptures of the same series, for example at the bedouin village Cseiffe in the school yard as well an in Kiryat Ekron and Hatzor Haglilit. There are more abroad, for example at the Europa Park in Klagenfurt/Austria there are two dragons. They all have one thing in common, their height is intended to invite children to climb and sit on them."
(From the artist by eMail dated September 22, 2010)