Couple in a Sardine Can

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Beny Levy


The Topor Sculpture Garden, Sheba Hospital, Tel Hashomer
Ramat Gan


6.5 feet tall by 4.5 feet wide





Description Two people looking out of a can
Caption Benjamin and Hanna Levy divide their time between New York City and Ein Hod. He works in a variety of media including oil paint, watercolor, drawing and sculpture. He has had over 100 solo exhibitions and lots of group shows in galleries and museums around the world. and his work is in private and museum collections.

There are several variations of this sculpture. At Ein Hod the gentleman is formally dressed, as he is here, while the lady is nude. That is a theme Beny has used in a lot of his work. In this sculpture, because it is in a family oriented sculpture garden, the lady is wearing a lacy something in order to avoid offending visitors.

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