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Micha Ullman


Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv





Description A stone chair that you can not sit on must be a sculpture!
Caption "At first glance, the works of Micha Ullman seem to be simply what they appear to be - sculptures of rust, earth, and diggings. But there can be no mistake about the direct communicativeness of his works. Their inherent symbolism aspires to the minimal, and to subtleness in the expression of the idea."

To see other sculptures by Micha Ullman:
"Equinox" at The Israel Museum - Jerusalem:
"Yesod" on Rothchild Boulevard, Tel Aviv:

Micha Ullman's Public Art Projects:
  "Messer / Metzer", Menache District, Israel, 1972;
  "Mirror", Tel Aviv Museum of Art 1980
  "Sky", Tel Chai, Israel 1983
  "Lot's Wife", Mount Sodom, Israel Ben Hynom Valley. Jerusalem 1984
  "Earth Level", Art Park Lewiston, Up state New York 1986
  "Sitting", Goldapark, Ramle, Israel 1988
  "Yesod" (Foundation), Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv 1989
  "Waage", Neuenkirchen 1990
  "Wschodina" (Osten/East), Lodz 1991
  "Sea Level", Allenby Street, Tel Aviv
  "No One" (Niemand), Linden st. Oppoite Jewish Museum, Berlin 1992
  "New Moon", (Neumond), Akademie Schloss
  "Solitude", Stuttgart 1994
  "Library" (Bibliothek), Bebelplatz, Berlin. Memorial for the burning of the books. 1995
  "Saflulin" (with Ezra Orion), Sculpture Park, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel 
  "Observation" (Peace Sculpture), Atlantik Wall, Jutland

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