Car in the Sun

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Gabriel Klasmer


Near the old train station near the Khan Theater


A full size car


Resin fiberglass



Description What looks like a drape over a parked car, that may, or not, conceal a car
Caption From an eMail dated May 12, 2010, Gabriel Klasmer wrote:
"Thanks Richard.
Aabout the sculpture:
1. There is a historical conversion in public art that it will usually enlarge objects , public art is usually big, I was looking to do "real size" object which can be large (limited very much by my budget) (public art in a way competes with many large man-made objects as buildings cranes, adverts, bridges etc. with little money it is difficult.) 
2. I wanted the sculpture to be integrated into the every day, and reflects the everyday, to be on the street level, on the pavement. 
3 . The sculpture glamorizes an object of similar size, (a lamppost) - an urban object which we usually fail to see the poetic side of it. (and it has a significant representation in Hebrew lyrics -"panas boded")
4. My public sculptures are kind of images , frames of city life situations, frozen, in rest, they use the least significant, or unnoticed moments of the place, when seen, I hope they bring a smile to the viewer. I hope it answers yours 
gabi klasmer"

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