Woman Against the Wind

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Ilana Goor


Lahat Promenade near The Etzel Museum
Tel Aviv


10 feet tall





Description A dynamic bronze angel engaging the Mediterranean Sea
Caption "Ilana is blessed with wonderful genes: her grandmother was a concert pianist who played for the Tsar in Russia. Her grandfather was an active Zionist in Russia, co-founded the Bezalel Art School in Jerusalem, and also painted and sculpted professionally. Ilana Goor was born in Tiberias and although she never studied art formally, her art and technique developed into an independent, uncompromising style combining strength and emotion. She began sculpting in the late 60's and her statues were installed in the Yad Vashem Memorial Museum in Jerusalem, and in many outdoor settings in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and other cities."
From the artist's web site

Permanent Installations:
1973 Never Again, sculpture, Yad VaShem, Jerusalem
1975 Mother and Child, statue, University of Haifa 
1977 Birth,  sculpture, Municipality Building, Tel Aviv 
1978 Morning,  sculpture, Naharia, Israel
1982 Woman Against the Wind,  sculpture, Tel Aviv 
1985 The Smiling Whale,  sculpture, Jaffa 
1986 The Family,  sculpture, Ramat Gan 
1988 War Memorial for Fallen Soldiers, Yad le Banim, Raanana
1991 Reaching High, statue, Educational Testing Center, Tel Aviv 
2000 Flamingos, series of  sculptures, Carnival Cruise Ships
2002 Eagle,  sculpture, Marina, Herzliya 
2007 Two cats on one bench, sculpture, Holon  2009 Mother Ship, Tiberias 
From: [http://www.ilanagoormuseum.org/eng/Ilana-Goor/Permanent-Installations/]

Other References For more informatipn go to: http://www.ilanagoormuseum.org/eng/