Spider Web

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Daniel Manheim


The Green Gallery at Park Dina
Arsuf Kedem



Rope and a tree


Description A spider web along Route #2 that passes by the sculpture park
Caption One of a couple dozen environmental sculptures often made from natural, sometimes cast off, material, that demonstrate the imagination of the founder and driector - Daniel Manheim.

Park Dina is an ecological garden created in memory of Dina Manheim (1951 - 2006). The park is a private collection of over 100 kinds of trees including about 40 varieties of fruit trees that provide a rich environment for people and birds all around the year.
The park was established by the Manheim family, living and farming in Arsuf since 1935 (today - Arsuf Kedem).
In addition to the botanical collection at Park Dina, sculpture and earth works have been installed in the Green Gallery, with some exhibits placed among the trees and others in the surrounding landscape. Visitors are treated to both botanical and artistic exhibits in a welcoming environment. Directed visits to the park can be arranged by calling  052-352-5366.

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Other References About Park Dina: http://www.greengallery.co.il/eng-park-dina.html