Soul Bird

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David Gerstein


Halochmim Street at Hama


400 x 800 x 60 cm




Description A bird grid sculpture with with energetic figures in active poses, brightly painted, that provides lots to see
Caption This sculpture was commissioned by the city of Holon to illustrate a popular Israeli children's book.

"Artist David (Dudu) Gerstein's design for this huge sculpture was inspired by 'Soul Bird' an allegorical story by author Michal Snunit. The sculpture is made of painted iron and the bird's body is comprised of many drawers, each of which contains one chapter of the story."

The book by Michal Snunit has a simple message: deep within every person lives a creature who has thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Sometimes we can tell it what to feel. Sometimes it decides all by itself. With delightful drawings and poetic text, this book teaches us to listen to our soul bird and find out more about our true selves. When we hear the message of the soul bird, we understand why we behave the way we do. And once we understand our behavior, we can begin to live a happier, more fulfilling life.
First published in Israel, The Soul Bird was an instant bestseller. Over the years its magic has spread around the globe, appealing to readers of all ages.