Sea Gate

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Yael Artsi


Beach Promenade


250 x 250 x 420 cm


Turkish travertine stone



Description Two stone columns that exhibit great stone carving skill
Caption "For the Sculpture Symposium in Ashdod Yaël Artsi created the huge monumental sculpture "Sea Gate" which is situated at the centre of the beautiful and popular Beach Promenade of the city of Ashdod.
In one of her catalogues Yaël explains what inspires her when working together with other sculptors on a project as follows: "... The artist usually works alone in the studio and his only dialogue during the process of creation is with the stone he is working on. Working alongside other sculptors is a unique opportunity for the artist to exchange ideas, knowledge, techniques etc. It also endorses the sculptor with energy and stamina that he would never have had alone in the studio and helps overcoming the hard moments that are part of the creation process."

"Yaël Artsi was born in Morocco and moved to Israel at the age of 22. There she settled in the Kibbutz Sdot-Yam, north of Tel Aviv near the old Roman city Caesarea. In 1973, already a mother of two children, she finally gets the chance to do what she always wanted to do and study art and sculpture in Paris. Yaël studies monumental sculpture with the famous sculptor Etienne Martin and marble and wood at Cola Marini's studio. She graduates the Beaux Arts academy in Paris in 1975."

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