Roaring Lion

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Lynn Chadwick


Billy Rose Sculpture Garden, The Israel Museum


105 x 192 x 57 cm





Description A very stylized lion that is more creative than threatening
Caption "Lynn Chadwick made his first Beast sculptures in 1953: Small Beast in iron and glass, a unique sculpture in the collection of the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Rome; and Idiomorphic Beast in welded iron, again a unique sculpture, in the collection of the City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Both are spiky, alert forms with geometrical attributes. The Beast sculptures in this exhibition date from 1990 and are made from welded stainless steel. They are fully three-dimensional, and when viewed from different standpoints offer varying characteristics that complete the picture of individual animals or animal types. Beasts crouch and rise, they stretch and howl, they may be refined or muscular. Chadwick has expressed animal nature with minimal means in these works. Their scale is impressive and their presence is commanding. Crouching Beast II is ready to spring, its form full of potential motion. Movement had always been of interest to Chadwick, whether in his early mobile sculptures and dancing figures, or as in the beasts, where movement may be held in check or is fully expressed. "
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