Rabin Memorial

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Yael Artsi


In front of City Hall on Ibn Gevirol Street
Tel Aviv






Description An arangement of stones that create an emotional response
Caption "Each stone expresses my despair, anguish horror and a lack of personal safety. Using interplay of light and shadow, and an appropriate texture, I created an internal movement in each stone and breathed life into the geometrical Basalt. Some of the stones reflect my memories of the great man: his softness and strength, while others evoke my emotions at the time of the murder. That is why I gave each stone a different texture, a different character. The earthquake symbolizes the shock of the assassination for the people in Israel and all over the world. The Memorial was placed right at the spot were Mr. Rabin was killed and every Sabbath many people gather there and make music in memory of the former Prime Minister and what had happened"
From: www.artstream.nl/yael-artsi/

About controversy and debate over the Rabin memorial go to: [ https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/78060/50000-gather-tel-aviv-21st-rabin-memorial-rally/#dR7AyYhjTZZZwrmK.97]

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