Nordo Gordiano

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Gideon Graetz


In the median between 11 and 12 Ben Gurion Boulevard
Tel Aviv


48 inches Square


Bronze and stainless steel



Description An endless curve on a black base
Caption "From the point of view of mathematics it is considered a geometric shape due to a plot consists of two nodes - you get intertwined in a way to simplify a cloverleaf junction and a simple closed curve. The geometric shape is obtained by submitting the said plot in a figure substantially symmetrical, invariant to rotations of 120 degrees. In heraldry is synonymous Trinacria or Triscele . The triquetra has the same topology called the Gordian knot .. A very common representation of the symbol is a circle passing through three rings of interconnected Triquetra. The circle emphasizes the unity of any combination of three elements." From: