Negev Guardian

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Emilio Mogilner


Alongside Route 40
Ramat Hovav


5 stories tall


Cement, iron, Negev Earth and red loam



Description A 450 ton sculpture that stands as witness to nearby environmental pollution
Caption "The Ancient face of the Negev Guardian is a 450 ton cement foundation and iron construction, a mold made of 1400 tons of earth, 1000 tons of Negev Earth and red loam. This colossal sculpture stands in front of a site of poisonous litter in Ramat Hovav. The sculpture was envisioned and made by the artist Emilio Mogilner helped by a fleet of semitrailers, cranes and tractors, volunteers of the Negev area, Bedouins, and enthusiastic fans in the struggle for a healthy environment." From: About the project initiator: The environmental-social artist Emilio Mogilner initiated dozens of artistic activities, from direct actions to social-environmental festivals, in order to raise awareness to issues of social-environmental problems in the national media. In mid 2001 Emilio survived an assassination attempt in his studio due to his environmental activities. Shot from point blank range, his right and dominant arm was ripped off at his shoulder. Unfortunately, due to the extensive damage suffered by his nerves, he remained paralyzed in his right arm but has learned to paint with his left. Since then he has become even more involved in what is connected with the environment and takes part in official acts where he is in charge of the artistic presentation or as in most cases, he is the artistic enterpriser or carries the artistic protest in all kinds of happenings devised by him. From: