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Buky Schwartz


Plaza in front of the Tel Aviv Museum
Tel Aviv


20 feet tall





Description A big simplified insect biting the ground
Caption "Buky Schwartz (1932 - 2009) was born in Jerusalem and studied sculpture with Yitzhak Danziger at the Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv from 1956 to 1958. He moved to London in 1959, where he studied at the St. Martin's School of Art for several years. After returning to Israel in 1963, he created severely geometrical painted steel sculptures. In 1971 he moved to New York City and began incorporating videos into large constructions. His sculptures in public places include: * White from 0 Degrees to 180 Degrees, 1969, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel * Gates, 1969, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel * Memorial to Jonathan Netanyahu, 1986, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania * Metropolis, 1990, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel * Mosquito, 2007, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel" From: Mosquito was awarded the Dan Sandel and Sandel Family Foundation Sculpture Award in 2006