Jeans Shop Mural

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Rami Meiri


Ibn Gevirol at Nordau
Tel Aviv



Paint on concrete


Description Cut out figures on the roof and someone hangs a pair of jeans out a window
Caption A mural on the side of a shop that sells jeans at a busy intersection.
"As you meander through Tel Aviv (and some other major Israeli cities) you can see murals by Israeli artist Rami Meiri. His distinct style and use of white to highlight his paintings makes this street art stand out. Most of his murals depict stereotypical Israeli characters and local flavor as well as his most famous image of a face breaking through a brick wall.He has painted in obscure places and in several businesses and restaurants but the most famous of his works can be seen at number 5 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv; Nachalat Beanyanim Street (next to the shuk hacarmal), Tel Aviv; Yehoash Street, Tel Aviv; along the Tel Aviv beach front; kiosk Habima, Tel Aviv; the corner of Dizengoff and Ben Gurion Streets, Tel Aviv; the corner of Even Girol and Arlozorov streets, Tel Aviv; Nikui Rosh Pub, Tel Aviv; in the Tel Aviv port and the corner of Ben Yahuda and Ben Gurion Streets, Tel Aviv. Although not an Israeli tourist site these murals are amusing and add to your understanding of Israeli life."

Rami Meiri’s first mural was on the wall of his studio, and then he began painting on any blank wall. Some people no doubt considered that graffiti, but the humor and illusion and creativity attracted attention and he began to get paid commissions and was hired for private murals. Gradually his work spread across Israel and he now has official projects in several countries, teaches workshops and is the subject of documentary videos.     
For a YouTube video of Rami working go to: []    

The book “Talking Walls” A photo collection of works painted on walls across the country and abroad accompanied by personal stories is available from the web site: []  
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