Fall of the Muses

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Motti Mizrachi


Opera Tower
Tel Aviv






Description Two figures, playing accordions, upside down, flying, or falling? above the entrance
Caption Two enigmatic figures create an identity for the building. There is another in the center of the atrium.

Mizrachi, Motti, Sculptor. b. 1946, Tel Aviv. Studies: 1969-73, Bezalel, Jerusalem. Teaching: 1980-87 Bezalel; Art Teachers College, Ramat Hasharon; 

1976 Beatrice Kolliner Prize for a Young Artist, Israel Museum, Jerusalem;
1987 Tel Aviv Museum and Bank Discount Prize for Israeli Artist;
America-Israel Cultural Foundation (twice);
Sandberg Prize, Israel Museum, Jerusalem;
1997 Ministry of Education and Culture Prize for Encouragement of Creative Art;
2002 The Minister of Science, Culture and Sport Prize.

Public Art: 
'Sunfrost" on roof of Helena Rubinstein Pavilion,1984 Tel Aviv;
"Lament of the Angels' on roof of Discount Bank, 1986,Ramat Aviv;
'Pillar, Nuts and Ducks',1988, Masaryk Square, Tel Aviv;
"Mordoch' 1991, Herzlia;
"Oriental Kiss', 1992, Opera Tower, Tel Aviv;
"Fall of the Muses', Opera Tower, 1993, Tel Aviv;
Untitled, Raanana Sculpture Park, 1988.

(From the Urban Gallery web site that no longer works)

Other References For more about the artist: http://www.mottimizrachi.com
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