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Tanya Preminger


The Green Gallery at Park Dina
Arsuf Kedem


120 x 600 x 400 cm


Mitzpe Stone



Description A stone axe in an orchard looks like it had just been used
Caption "Born in the Soviet Union. From 1972 lives, works and teaches in Israel. MA in Art, Surikov Academy of Arts, Moscow. Works in various art media: sculpture, landscape art, installation and photography. Displayed more than 22 solo exhibitions, participated in over 75 sculpture symposiums all over the world. Over 50 of her sculptures are installed in Israel and overseas. Won 7 awards in International sculpture competitions."

In addition to the botanical collection at Park Dina, sculpture and earth works have been installed in the Green Gallery, with some exhibits placed among the trees and others in the surrounding landscape. Visitors are treated to both botanical and artistic exhibits in a welcoming environment. Directed visits to the park can be arranged by calling  052-352-5366. 

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