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Tanya Preminger


Kikar, Hasharon at Harei Yehuda


430 x 160 x 50


Stone, concrete, and mosaic



Description A blue mosaic partial elipse encased in a rough stone base
Caption A sculpture that references a Zionist novel.
"The Old New Land" (or Altneuland in the original German) is a utopian novel published by Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, in 1902. Outlining Herzl's vision for a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, "Altneuland" became one of Zionism's establishing texts. It was translated into Yiddish by Israel Isidor Elyashev. Translated into Hebrew as 'Tel Aviv', by Nahum Sokolow - it directly influenced the choice of the same name for the Jewish-Zionist Jaffa suburb founded in 1909 which was to become a major Israeli city.
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