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Fall of the Muses by Motti Mizrachi

Location:Opera Tower
Tel Aviv
Material: Bronze
Dated: 1993

Description: Two figures, playing accordions, upside down, flying, or falling? above the entrance

Caption: Two enigmatic figures create an identity for the building. There is another in the center of the atrium.

Mizrachi, Motti, Sculptor. b. 1946, Tel Aviv. Studies: 1969-73, Bezalel, Jerusalem. Teaching: 1980-87 Bezalel; Art Teachers College, Ramat Hasharon; 

1976 Beatrice Kolliner Prize for a Young Artist, Israel Museum, Jerusalem;
1987 Tel Aviv Museum and Bank Discount Prize for Israeli Artist;
America-Israel Cultural Foundation (twice);
Sandberg Prize, Israel Museum, Jerusalem;
1997 Ministry of Education and Culture Prize for Encouragement of Creative Art;
2002 The Minister of Science, Culture and Sport Prize.

Public Art: 
'Sunfrost" on roof of Helena Rubinstein Pavilion,1984 Tel Aviv;
"Lament of the Angels' on roof of Discount Bank, 1986,Ramat Aviv;
'Pillar, Nuts and Ducks',1988, Masaryk Square, Tel Aviv;
"Mordoch' 1991, Herzlia;
"Oriental Kiss', 1992, Opera Tower, Tel Aviv;
"Fall of the Muses', Opera Tower, 1993, Tel Aviv;
Untitled, Raanana Sculpture Park, 1988.

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