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Eva by Ofra Zimbalista

Location:Tzin at Derech Habasor Kekar
Size: Life Size
Material: Aluminum and paint
Dated: 2007

Description: A musician in deep concentration

Caption: Eva was a friend of Ofra's who probably lived in Budapest where Ofra installed an exhibit. The sculpture is a tribute to her creativity.

"A visit to Ofra Zimbalista's studio is like peeping into someone else's dream, a visit in a fantastic, fictional space, somewhere outside of reality - the last thing you would expect to happen to you in Ashdod. The elevator door opens and you are sucked into a dreamlike surrealistic narrative, as if you've come upon a reunion of blue humanoid creatures whose actions and body movements have been interrupted in mid-sentence. One sits and another plays music, one greets you and another hovers, one revels and another collapses, one stares and another blows a trumpet, one stands on crutches and another drums. It's clear that something has happened here, that each of these figures has a role in some play, circus or procession, but it's also clear that something has gone wrong, or perhaps has never taken place. Is this just a rehearsal, and the real performance is to occur somewhere else? Have I found my way to behind the scenes? Or to where the stage sets are stored? Will the figures start speaking again the moment I leave?" By Tami Katz-Freiman from:

To read more about the exhibition in Hungary go to:

The Grand Spectacle is a new book, celebrating 40 years of Ofra Zimbalista´s artistic work. At this time its onlyavailable in Israel. For a preview go to: [The Grand Spectacle is a new book, celebrating 40 yearsof Ofra Zimbalista´s artistic work. At this time its only available in Israel. For a preview go to: 



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