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Dr. George S. Wise by Robert Berks

Location:Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv
Material: Bronze

Description: A bronze portraitof the first president of the university

Caption: "American sculptor Robert Berks has created more than three hundred portraits in bronze and more than a dozen monuments. His public works cover a broad cross-section of human acheivment, science government and politics, art and entertainment, labor and industry; humanitarianism. Berk's monuments range from the eight-foot head of John F. Kennedy in Washington's Kennedy Center to the 24-foot homage to carolus Linnaeus, father of modern botany. Other monuments include Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis; American theologian and social philospher Reinhold Niebuhr; the Mary McLeod Bethune Emancipation Memorial in Washington's Lincoln Park; the 24-foot Einstein Centennial Monument on the grounds of the National Academy of Sciences; and, most recently, the 12 foot Einstein Millennial Monument commissioned for the Albert Einstein Sciences Garden at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Jerusalem. A second bronze cast of this monument is part of the Einstein exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History inNew York."
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