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A Protest of the Pedals by Elihu Wasserman

Location:Ben-Gurion Boulevard
Tel Aviv
Material: Bicycle and electronics
Dated: 2008

Description: An interactive, pedal powered bicycle that rewards effort with a video screening

Caption: Elihu (Eli) Wasserman who uses the name "Boom 106" does interactive video projects. In this sculpture when riders pedal they create electricity that enables the video to play and they are rewarded with a private viewing.

"The beginning of 106BOOM's activity was the invention of the 're-cycle video-art' project, which uniquely brings digital video-art to public places; Basically, this project made out of a pair of grounded bicycle, which turns on a screen of video-art by the electric-power of the viewer pedaling. The 're-cycle video-art' set up at various places in Tel Aviv since Oct. 2007."
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